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Ayurveda & Yoga. Science of Life

Dernière mise à jour : 20 mars 2020

Ayurveda is one of the oldest healing systems in the world, including in the healing process mind, body and spirit. There is close connection with Yoga, in fact each complete the other, creating the perfect and most natural tool to keep us healthy and happy. Ayurveda gives us a better self-knowledge which leads to possibility of self-healing and understanding of our inner state and how we can actually get to a point of sustainable balance in ourselves and with the environment we live in.

Main points to evaluate our inner state:

-energy level

-stress level





-willing to learn and experiment

-adaptability to a change

The legend says Ayurveda came down to earth with Lord Brahma. It is first mentioned in the Rig Veda (1500-1100 BC) in the form of Agni (one of the most important aspects in it). Ayurveda looks at the world as composed of five elements: Space, Air, Water, Fire, and Earth. Everything in the universe is made of these five elements, including the human body. There are three combinations of these elements which compose the so called doshas:

Vata (Space+Air)

Pitta (Fire+Water)

Kapha (Water+Earth).

Vata governs movement in the body, Pitta - transformation and Kapha - stability and strength. These three doshas are always working simultaneously in order to make our body strong and free of disease. We have all three but each of us has unique proportion of them based on:

Prakrity - our unique biological constitutions (physical and mental nature). It remains the same trough our life.

Vikriti is the current state that we can influence by our choice how to live and treat our body.

Dosha is a force which can go out of balance and here is where Ayurveda gives us the knowledge to read our body and to be able to bring back the harmony. It's worth to take time and learn more about it, first because many points in our behaviour, physical and mental state will make sense and second many of the tools that Ayurveda gives us to fix the unbalanced ones are simple, connected with food, daily activities, our routine and how to synchronized them with our unique characteristics.

It is not always easy to change our habits, doesn't matter how good this will bring to us, but then it's all about how strong is our will and how satisfied we are from the quality of our life and how we feel. In the end what could be more difficult than living unhealthy or unhappy...

Enjoy by knowing more about yourself !

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