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Why APA Yoga?

Dernière mise à jour : 20 mars 2020

APA means something in different languages and dialects - Buddhism, Pali, Sanskrit, Hinduism, etc. In all of them the basic meaning is similar :

• "water" - one of the great five elements. It's assigned as a zone to the human body, connected with Vishnu.

• come out of Agni ( Sanskrit word meaning fire)

• "āpa sūkhī jaga sūkhī " - All is well if Self be well ( in the meaning of practicing meditation for reaching inner well-being)

APA - the construction of the word - representing the dualistic world we all live in, the water and fire ( the two letters 'A'). One's can find peace (the letter 'P' in the middle) by finding the way to balance them in a harmony. For me, since many years this way has been the yoga, the yoga as practice for the body ( asanas, combined in different sequences and styles), for the mind (pranayama and meditation), the yamas and niyamas (ethical rules how to behave with the others and yourself). It changed my life and keeps changing it in an amazing direction, where everything is possible. I have still so much more to learn in any aspect, actually that's the best part of this journey - there is always so much more to be learnt! Would be pleasure to share all I know with you and to keep learning from each other - that's the purpose of creating APA Yoga.

APA (water) always been the element where we (together with Sebastien, who actually suggested this name) feel happy and relax. Where we feel closest to the harmony and the peace in our life - the reason not just to feel that this is the most corresponding name, but as well to choose to live in a sailing boat.

Three letters that mean so much to me, looking forward to share all this with you, implementing it in yoga sequences and different practices, articles and stories in this blog or a small chat after class about everything and nothing.

Thank you

Enjoy the journey!

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